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If business coaching is recommended by Bill Gates...

The term “Executive Coaching” sounds a bit stuffy and exclusionary, doesn’t it? In reality executive coaches are just that, coaches, that are skilled to use an outcomes-based approach with organizational leaders, and their workforce, to promote organizational and individual growth, sustainability, and high-quality results, including trusting relationships. The demand for executive coaches has never been greater. With businesses moving at frenetic speeds creating frequent job shifts, role confusion, greater demands on getting more done with fewer resources and limited in-house training, professionals of all levels are often grappling with changes while trying to maintain some sort of semblance of a status quo. They really need help working with the “new normal” being created around them, and a workforce that is growing increasingly impatient. Many organizations are stuck and in need of leaders who can guide their organizations through workplace challenges, help them improve performance and achieve required business outcomes. That is where a skilled coach comes into play. Executive Coaching involves working with clients on their own leadership issues and many of the issues that revolve around how they work with others, and focus on a specific business outcome that needs attention. Relationship goals and business outcomes must be clear, interrelated and yet be treated as separate measurements. The coach must help the client determine which of the stated goals will yield the greatest results. In her book Executive Coaching with Backbone and Heart, Mary Beth O’Neill suggests establishing a coaching agreement with three key factors surrounding a specific business challenge: The business result that must be achieved The interpersonal behaviors that the leader needs to exhibit in their key work relationships, and The team interactions necessary to attain the desired business results The simplicity of this methodology is that most executives know the importance of using the above factors. The hard part is that very few leaders that are working under pressure manage all of these factors simultaneously. A skilled coach will work with the leader in identifying the major business challenges, and then assist the leader to incorporate the key factors into all day to day decisions and activities. There may be many variations of this methodology depending on the number of specific business outcomes that are needed. However, while the business related goals may change (e.g. increase sales, production, revenue, profit, employee retention, etc.), the importance of identifying and implementing the three factors listed above does not change. These three factors must become part of the fabric that permeates every action, decision and outcome. We offer a complimentary, no obligation, coaching session for those who are serious about investing time into their future. I promise that we will have fun and you will find tremendous value in our session.

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