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Human Resources (HR) Consulting

Any leader realizes that people are a company's greatest resource. That is why we offer employee engagement surveys, talent assessments, employee development, mapping 360 Feedback and Development, and succession planning.


Ensuring the success of your new hires begins well before their first day on the job. Felton Consulting specializes in quickly integrating newly hired employees into your organization by helping them set goals for their first 100 days, identifying the key stakeholders to their success, and learning how to navigate your culture.


We have also selected the very best library of assessment tools to help you achieve your goals more effectively. We have assessments that will help you and your team improve your communication, measure your employee engagement, highlight your leadership challenges, determine cultural problems, or help you with your time management.



Our team can help you select the right assessment tools for your needs, walk you through the assessment process, and even analyze the data to provide you with clear, concise feedback and action steps.

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